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To 萨克拉门托 State

是你. 在这里. 是萨克州立大学!

萨克拉门托 State is where you reach your full potential, discover your identity, and explore your interests through an innovative and diverse learning experience. Be guided and inspired by dedicated faculty and staff, who will provide you with a quality education, career development, professional leadership, and a personalized experience to prepare you for success in your chosen field and beyond. 60个专业, more than 150 academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant campus community, you will feel empowered to explore your interests and find your true passion. Reach your dreams at 囊状态, home of the Hornets!


Experience 萨克拉门托 State

在这个视频中, you will learn about 囊状态 through a series of scenes that illustrate the vibrant world-class community that celebrates diversity and intellectual curiosity and is committed to your growth and academic success. With a sequence of 囊状态’s beautiful campus and the student community, the video will make you feel part of the Hornet family. Be you, be here, be 囊状态, Stingers Up!


1. 萨克拉门托 Best City to Call Home in 2023 According to Forbes

Forbes named 萨克拉门托 as one of the best cities to call home in 2023. Forbes analyzed cities in 加州 by pulling recent data on key lifestyle factors such as the area's median home price, personal income per capita, 和失业.

Student in front of 萨克拉门托 capitol building.

2. Top Performers Among Western Universities for Graduates with Minimal Debt

排名第八的是美国.S. 新闻 acknowledged that students graduated with the lightest debt loads from 萨克拉门托 State. Our university offers scholarships, 奖助金, student campus jobs, and other student financial resources –all to ensure our graduates can pursue their passions without an overwhelming amount of debt.

Two students smiling with Stingers Up hand gestures

3. Ranked #4 in Most Diverse in Western US

U.S. 新闻 recognized 萨克拉门托 State as one of the highest-ranking universities in the West for its racial and ethnically diverse campus community. Students are most likely to create connections and lasting memories with others from various racial, 文化, and identity backgrounds.

Three students with graduation gowns smiling to the camera.

4. Ranked #20 in Best Public Universities

Through user feedback, literature reviews, and data trends, U.S. 新闻 acknowledged 萨克拉门托 State as one of the best public universities in the West. Based on graduation and retention rates, financial aid resources, and other factors, 萨克拉门托 State is known for having a wide range of areas of study. From liberal arts related courses to large research opportunities, students are equipped with tools for success.

Photo of student with president Nelson at commencement.

5. Award-Winning 健康y Campus

萨克拉门托 State is an Award-Winning 健康y Campus, with a state-of-the-art facility at 油井 that offers integrated counseling, 医疗, and wellness services. 学生健康, 咨询, and Wellness Services’ (SHCWS) 医疗 providers and mental health clinicians are licensed and trained to provide inclusive, 最优质的, 整体护理. Wellness staff support students with basic needs and offer educational workshops, 事件, and resources to promote health and wellness campus wide.

Photo of a building at 囊状态 called 油井

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Phone: (916) 278-1000